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Free: Flash Photography Course For Headshots and Portraits

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Free: Flash Photography Course For Headshots and Portraits

Do you want to learn how to use small flash units to create professional-looking portraits?. These four video tutorial are perfect for you: the Ed Verosky´s flash photography course for portraits and headshots from 2016. Now for free, pure gold. Thanks Ed.

In this first module:

1)  Introduction

2)  On-Camera Flash Basics

3)  On-Camera Flash Modifiers

4)  On-Camera Flash Techniques

In the next module, Ed will cover off-camera flash.

1)  Getting Started with Off-Camera Flash

2)  Off-Camera Flash Gear Recommendations  (some of which can be found here: )

3)  Off-Camera Flash Triggering

4)  One-Light Portrait Techniques

In the next module, Ed will cover multiple off-camera flash setups.

1)  Two-Light Setups:  Three uses for a second light

2)  Three-Point Lighting Setups

3)  Other Multiple Light Setups

4)  Background Lighting

In the last module, he will cover mixed lighting and other important topics.

1)  Mixed Lighting

2)  Flash for Outdoor Portraits

3)  Standardization:  Your Default Flash Settings

4)  Environmental Portraits


Indoors, your flash is usually the predominant light where your subject is concerned.  But, when shooting outdoors during daylight hours, your flash usually serves as a fill light.  Here are Ed Verosky´s suggestions for how to approach outdoor flash photography.

Always Start with these Settings:

• Camera in Aperture Priority mode.

• Use a lower ISO setting.  Example:  ISO 100.

• Use normal sync speed for your flash if possible.  Example: 1/200 or 1/250 depending on your camera.  But have HSS ready.

• Use the widest aperture that your lens will provide while still delivering acceptable sharpness and being suitable for daylight.  Example:  f/5.6 or f/8.0.

Read the full article with more tips on

About Ed Verosky

I’m a photographer specializing in creative portraiture.  I also teach portraiture and lighting techniques encouraging the use of less gear and more creativity to get the job done. In my experience, connecting with the subject and having fun with the process results in more interesting pictures.
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