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The Zenith S: Testing the NEW parabolic light modifier by Profoto

1/03/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

Testing the New Profoto Zenith S: Parabolic light modifier

Last week Ferry Knijn had the brand new Profoto Zenith S in his studio, so had a nice chance to test it out!

The New Profoto is a Parabolic light modifier with a focus rod so you can focus the light more or less. So this makes the Profoto Zenith S a nice diverse Lightshaper.

How it works


About Ferry Knijn:

I am a Dutch photographer and specializing in dance and music photography. Currently, I am also doing more Commercial, fashion, and fine art photography. Now I work for commercial and private clients. I do a lot of music and dance photography with additions of commercial fashion projects.
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Text, image and video via Ferry Knijn Fotografie

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Anonymous said...

wow the resutls absolut rubish... an its not the modifiers fault.... so bad photography