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Why it’s (mostly) illegal to drone in NYC

2/05/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Why it’s (mostly) illegal to drone in NYC

Filmmaker Griffin Hammond is an FAA-certified pilot, but there are four reasons he can't fly drones in New York City:

1) FAA Part 107 says you can't fly over people.
2) NYC Parks prohibit drones. 
3) Most of NYC is Class B airspace. 
4) City administrative code: "Drones are illegal"

But there are 5 New York City Parks where you CAN fly:

Griffin uses AirMap to consult airspace restrictions:

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About Griffin Hammond:

Griffin Hammond is a documentary filmmaker covering political narratives at Bloomberg TV in New York City. Director of the award-winning documentary "Sriracha." Let's Get Connected: Filmmaking blog |  Twitter |  Instagram

Text, image and video via Griffin Hammond

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