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3 Lighting Setups for Editorial Photography

8/26/2023 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments


In the realm of photography, lighting is a critical element that can transform a mere snapshot into a compelling work of art. Editorial photography, in particular, demands a keen understanding of light manipulation to create evocative images that tell a story and capture the viewer's attention.

In this article, we delve into the insights shared by SK Visionz, an accomplished photographer, as he guides us through three distinct lighting setups for editorial photography.
Setup 1-->  Scrim and Flash: Soft Elegance with a Scrim

Scrim and Flash: Soft Elegance with a Scrim

A 12 by 12 scrim, a versatile tool that diffuses light, takes center stage. SK Visionz highlights the importance of proximity, explaining that placing lights closer to the scrim ensures a gentle, flattering illumination on the model's skin. He utilizes two Flashpoint lights, set at full power, to create balanced, soft lighting on the model's face and the side wall.

Setup 2 --> Three-Light Setup: Dynamic Depth with Three Lights
Three-Light Setup: Dynamic Depth with Three Lights

This setup is a bit more complex than the first one, but it can be used to create even more dramatic and creative looks. The three lights in this setup are the key light, the fill light, and the back light.

The key light is the main light source in the setup. It is typically placed in front of the subject and is used to create the main shadows and highlights.

The fill light is used to fill in the shadows created by the key light. It is typically placed on the opposite side of the subject from the key light.

The back light is used to create a rim light around the subject's hair and body. It is typically placed behind the subject and is angled so that it illuminates the back of their head and shoulders.

Setup 3--> One-Light Setup: The Allure of High Contrast
One-Light Setup: The Allure of High Contrast

This is the simplest of the three setups, but it can still be used to create effective images.Armed with a Magnum reflector, he demonstrates that powerful visuals can emerge from minimal equipment. A single light source, set at full power, suffuses the scene with strong shadows and intense highlights. SK strategically places the light at a distance to enhance contrast, while his vantage point from above adds a unique perspective.

Images and video via Pictureman Vlogs | website