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5 Mistakes EVERY Photographer Makes + How To Fix!

4/24/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

5 Mistakes EVERY Photographer Makes + How To Fix!

Sawyer Hartman covers the 5 biggest Photography Mistakes every photographer is sure to encounter, and How To Fix Them!

Want to jump ahead in the video?

1. photos are too busy; too much is going on @1:30
2. train your eye; focus on actions @2:55
3. bring props @4:20
4. put things in between you and your subject @5:55
5. tell a story (practice telling a story with a few pictures, then with one) @7:30

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About Sawyer Hartman:

Sawyer Hartman is a filmmaker & photographer, currently shooting in California, Australia, Hawaii, and Bali! Making Content For Content Creators! Teaching people how to create for themselves! Let's Get Connected: sawyerhartman.comTwitter |  Instagram

Text, image and video via sawyerhartman

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, this was useful, and different from most photo advice videos.