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HOW TO POSE People Who Are Not Models

4/08/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

HOW TO POSE People Who Are Not Models

In today's video, Anita Sadowska was joined by the amazing fellow photographer Irene Rudnyk. She was kind enough to help her create this video, where Anita gives you her top tips on How To pose People who are not models.

I talk about how to make your subject more comfortable, how to make them look taller and what techniques to use when taking photos. - said Anita Sadowska - hope you like! 

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About  Anita Sadowska:

I am a full time fashion photographer (plus an occasional film maker ;) ) based in Dublin, Ireland. You can find my work on my website and social channels below. Let's Get Connected: Twitter | YouTube | Instagram

Text, images and video via Anita Sadowska

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