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Panoramic Shooting, When You Can't Afford The Hasselblad XPan

4/18/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 2 Comments

Andrew and Denae want to give you some alternatives to shooting with the iconic Hasselblad XPan for a handheld panoramics.

Lomography Sprocket Rocket

Horizon S3 Pro

Bronica ETRSi + ETRSi Panoramic Back

Panoramicon Oxygen

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About Andrew and Denae:

Denae and Andrew are a husband and wife photography team. This vlog is where we share our photo journey. We might talk about gear and do some educational stuff, but mostly it's a place where we can share our photos and work to improve them. We don't claim to be experts or even especially amazing photographers. We just really love the process, and if there are folks who find some enjoyment in sharing in our journey, awesome!

Text, images and video via Denae & Andrew

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Anonymous said...

What about two bothers from Linhof: Technorama 617s III and smaller Technorama 612pc II? They use 120 film and they have outstanding lens. I guess there are one of the best panoramic film cameras of these days.

Take a look:

James said...

Bronica had a 135W and a 135N back for the ETRS system. Be sure to underscore that you want the "W" variant for the panoramic effects you desire.