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Top 5 Underrated Camera Features

5/29/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

Top 5 Underrated Camera Features

In this video, Mattias Burling lists features that people don’t seem to talk much about, if at all. Features that isn’t by any means a deal breaker, but still makes me a little extra excited when its included in a camera. Some are very common and almost taken for granted, others more obscure.

You can watch his last video where Mattias listed his Top 5 Overrated Camera Features here

About Mattias Burling:

Indy Filmmaking, Smartphones, Cameras, Gadgets. Unboxings, Reviews, Demos and Tutorials. I always try to keep the budget low and the quality high. Let's Get Connected: TwitterInstagram

Text, image and video via Mattias Burling

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Paul Trantow said...

Hello! Would it be too much to also have a written version of your story for those of us in noisy environments, listening (happily) to music, or acknowledging that a video isn't really necessary where a list would do?