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3 Ways to get better expressions out of your subject

7/28/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

3 Ways to get better expressions out of your subject

A boring face can ruin a photo. Those 3 tips can help your next project create better results.

In this video, YvensB shows you the 3 ways you can get better expressions out of your model or subject. In this video, YvensB also shows you a behind the scene photoshoot with a new face: Chloe (check out her Instagram @iamchlohe).

In a nutshell: Plan your shoot!

1) Create a mood board
2) Communicate often and...
3) Pick the right subject for the right project

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YvensB elaborates a lot more on his blog! Read this video in the blog format:

About YvensB:

YvensB is a Montreal Sports and portrait photographer located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.   I believe in work! In this channel, you will find monthly photography assignments to make you shoot more. Also, I will be sharing my thoughts on photography along with behind the scenes and much more. Let's Get Connected:  | Facebook | Instagram

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