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How to EASILY make BETTER Quality VIDEOS

7/27/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

How to EASILY make BETTER Quality VIDEOS

In this video, Mark Holtze shows you how to make better quality videos with a simple trick that everybody can use and it will cost you nothing but 30 seconds of your time. It's one of the first lessons Mark learned at Film school and it's the FIRST thing he does when he records videos and sit down to edit scenes.

Find that ROOM TONE, it fills the gaps in dialog perfectly and can be used to cancel OUT unwanted noise like AC units etc with the use of third party software. It really is the ASMR of video production ;)

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About Mark Holtze:

Hi, my name is Mark Holtze and I'm a professional editor & videographer in both film and network television. I absolutely love the craft and want to share my experience in the industry with you all. Tutorials, Vlog's, short stories and pretty much everything in between. Let's Get Connected: Twitter |  Instagram

Text, image and video via Mark Holtze

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