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Convert your 4x5 Camera into a Compact Darkroom Enlarger

9/17/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Convert your 4x5 Camera into a Compact Darkroom Enlarger

In the first part of their guide series on the Intrepid Enlarger they will cover everything you will need and how to get set up to begin making prints in your darkroom space.

In this part of the Intrepid Enlarger guide series they look at how to focus the enlarger, add multigrade filters, make a page of test strips, then develop the paper and compare exposure times.

Following on from part 2, this video covers the basics of making full page prints in the darkroom using the Intrepid Enlarger, and experimenting with different multigrade filters and exposure times to compare contrast and tone.

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About Intrepid Camera Co.:

The Intrepid Enlarger is the ultimate DIY photography tool, converting your 4x5 camera into a capable and compact darkroom enlarger to make prints from your 4x5, 120, and 35mm negatives.


Text, image and video via Intrepid Camera Co.

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