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'How To': Shoot High End Headphones

12/19/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

'How To': Shoot High End Headphones

Urs Recher and Karl Taylor are back again to show you crucial tips and tricks that professional product photographers use daily. To photograph the headphones in this video, Urs and Karl used three Broncolor Siros 800S.

Urs and Karl demonstrate how the halo lighting effect around the product brings out textures and helps to define edges of the headphones. In addition, they also walk through various simple lighting modifiers and shapers, such as a honeycomb grid, reflectors, and a small softbox, that can achieve a high-end result.

The slightest changes and movements of your studio lights can impact your final images immensely. In many cases, you can create stunning outcomes by incorporating simple tools to your setup such as flags, mirrors, and basic light shapers. 

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About Urs Recher:

Urs is a consultant and photographer to Broncolor lighting company but he also has another life in photography with his own personal work. With an encyclopaedic knowledge on many aspects of photography we must look at Urs’s techniques and images. Let's Get Connected: | Instagram

About Karl Taylor:

Karl has been a professional photographer for more than 20 years. His work is published internationally and he regularly works for some of the world's leading companies. Let's Get Connected: | Instagram

Text, image and video via Karl Taylor

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