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🥇 Backlight: Female Portrait with 3 Lights in the Studio ( and B&W Post-production)

4/16/2020 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Nathan Elson Photography backlight

In addition to being one of our favorite photographers on YouTube, we love his creativity. There are many behind the scenes that we have shared both in this magazine, and in our Instagram account, where we are almost 400K friends, but we always want to know a little more about light or post-production. In this new series, "How I Got The Shot", Nathan Elson will explain to us step by step, how he created this black and white female portrait with 3 lights in his studio.

Two lights to illuminate the background and achieve a pure white background, that's all from the light hitting the backdrop and then wrapping around the model.

To get the portrait captures our attention, the model's pose seeks to create triangles, both with her arms and legs, achieving greater visual impact and better composition.

unedited image

Why are 3 lights necessary?

 To give more strength to the portrait, the model looks at the background and not at the camera, seeking to create mystery.

Finally, the third light, a large deep umbrella with the diffusion panel that's acting as his fill, getting plenty of detail. By using a large light modifier we achieve a soft light, improving the final result.

He highlights the importance of using tethering to improve his workflow, check that the composition is correct, that the image is in focus and because the model can visualize if her pose is the result she is looking for.

Nathan uses a full-frame camera with an 85mm and Capture One and Photoshop, but you can get the same result with a APS-C camera with 50 mm lenses and Lightroom.

As you can see, it is quite easy to get a striking portrait of a female model using 3 lights, but what makes the difference is the post-processing of the image, making it different.

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About Nathan Elson:

I'm a commercial photographer based out of Calgary, AB. My YouTube channel will be a place for my behind the scenes, Q&A, and whatever else happens to make it into video form that seems like people might be interested in viewing. Let's Get Connected: | CUSTOM LIGHTROOM PRESETS:

Image and video via Nathan Elson

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