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Orton Effect for Street Photography - A Step By Step Tutorial

4/04/2020 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

Orton Effect for Street Photography - A Step By Step Tutorial

If you're familiar with landscape photography, you have probably heard of the Orton Effect, which owes its name to the photographer Michael Orton.

This technique, developed in the mid-80s, consists of overlay 2 or more images of the same scene, but with different exposures and focus. The result is a photograph with a mix of low and high contrast areas.

In this tutorial, Roman Fox will explain step by step how to adapt this technique in our street photographs.

To use this technique you will need 3 pictures of the same scenes and Photoshop.

Orton Effect for Street Photography

1. The first will be a correctly focused and exposed photograph.
2. The second will be an unfocused version, for which we can use photoshop.
3. And the last one will be a high contrast version.

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Image and video via Roman Fox

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skanter said...

Street photographers do not manipulate photos like this. Don’t call it street photography.