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8 Film Photography Hacks and Tips

4/05/2020 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

8 Film Photography Hacks and Tips

For many digital photographers, it takes some time to understand and learn how analog photography works, it is a different workflow. Willem Verbeeck has spent years experimenting with different types of cameras and films. To make life easier for us, he is going to share his 8 favorite Hacks and Tips that will surely save you a lot of time, but the best of all, those tricks and tips will allow you to enjoy the experience even more.

1. Film leader

If you don´t have a film leader retriever, we are going to use another roll of film. Put a little bit of water on the bottom of the film base that still has the leader out and insert it into the other roll of film. Just until you feel like they make contact. At that point, you just have to pull out the other piece of film and you will have both rolls of film ready to load.  Solved.

2. What happens if you press the film rewind button early?

Film is not cheap, then take out the roll, use the previous trick. Put the film again and cover the lens and fire off until your camera film readout is showing the frame that you were on last.

3. Buy old books about film photography

4. Buy adapter rings

Buy the filter size that fits the largest diameter lens that you have and buy a set of adapter rings.

5. Protective hard cases

If you travel regularly and want to reduce your stress levels, without a doubt, a good investment is a rigid suitcase that will keep your equipment safe. The best thing is that its interior is customizable.

Surely Willem prefers that I do not reveal everything at once. You can watch the next 5 tips in the video.

Stay safe.

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