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Three Professional Photography Kits for Under $1000

4/13/2020 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Three Professional Photography Kits for Under $1000

When you are starting your business, because we are in times of crisis or simply because you need a second backup body, it is never a bad idea to find second-hand photographic equipment. Cameras that a few years ago had the latest technology, today their owners put them up for sale at an incredible price.

In this episode, Andrew & Denae try out three different professional photography kits, each costing less than $1000. Read the full list here.

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About Andrew and Denae:

Denae and Andrew are a husband and wife photography team. This vlog is where we share our photo journey. We might talk about gear and do some educational stuff, but mostly it's a place where we can share our photos and work to improve them. We don't claim to be experts or even especially amazing photographers. We just really love the process, and if there are folks who find some enjoyment in sharing in our journey, awesome! DENAE & ANDREW STORE | Instagram  | Twitter

Image and video via Denae & Andrew

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