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Painterly Photography Techniques and 5 Incredible Painterly Photographers

5/13/2019 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Painterly Photography Techniques ( and 5 Incredible Painterly Photographers)

Vinny Le Pes has discussed the conceptual idea of a painterly photograph and gone over five excellent examples of photographers with a painterly style. Today let’s go through six ways to make your own work more painterly by digging even deeper into the painterly techniques that these photographers employ.

5 Incredible Painterly Photographers

Let's look through the work of five master photographers who exemplify this idea. Vinny will show you some great painterly examples of their work and discuss some of the qualities that give them a painterly look.


0:00 - Introduction 
1:08 - Saul Leiter - Painterly Themes 
4:33 - Fan Ho - Attention to Detail 
8:03 - Erwin Olaf - Illustrative Qualities 
11:00 - Todd Hido - Elevating Mood 
14:18 - Gregory Crewdson - The Psychology of Story

About Vinny Le Pes:

I make videos to inspire and empower creatives. By documenting my own journey of finding myself as an artist and sharing the things I learn along the way, I hope to leave a trail that helps someone find their own path.  Let's Get Connected: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Text, image and video via Vinny Le Pes

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