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Profoto brings full power of professional flash to iPhone with Andrea Belluso

7/12/2020 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Profoto brings full power of professional flash to iPhone with Andrea Belluso

By introducing the new Profoto AirX technology, the Profoto B10 / B10 Plus flash series can be used with the iPhone, enabling photographers to use the full power of their flashes.

Watch our friend, photographer Andrea Belluso shape light and capture this fashion shoot using his iPhone 11 Pro and B10 Plus.

This breakthrough has been made possible by combining a range of advanced technologies. For example, the proprietary “Profoto AirX” method, which grants the user to clock synchronize  Bluetooth devices, is a key technique to enable external flash for mobile, since the flash must fire at the exact right time and length with the camera to get the shot.

Thanks to the Bluetooth synchronization, the user can take photos at 1/25.000 seconds exposure time, and still be able to sync the full power of the flash tube with it.


Supercharging the iPhone with a professional flash does not only mean that a new breed of digital creatives can start competing on totally new terms. It also makes the smartphone an exciting addition to professional photographers’ toolboxes – creating a bridge between what has been and what is yet to come.

"We’ve actually maxed out the current capacity of the iPhone camera, and we are looking forward to future developments in mobile photography,” says our friend Marko Pirc, Product Manager for Mobile at Profoto.

What do you think about it? Can a phone replace a professional camera?

Text, image and video via Profoto: | More of Andrea’s work:

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