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Tyler Shields Interview: The Intentionality That Goes Behind Making A Print

11/18/2020 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

“Considered the Andy Warhol of his generation, Tyler Shields has produced images that play with notions of the gaze, power structures, hyper-realism, iconoclastic-tendencies, and cinematographic practice, but his Mouthful series of works are among his best known” – Sotheby’s

How many people actually make a living selling their prints as a photographer? The number is really tiny, then to have your work in galleries all over the world is remarkable. 

In this episode, Tyler shares about his work and the intentionality that goes behind making a print. Taking the photo with the print in mind, coming up with concepts for shoots, how he got started and so much more.

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About Tyler Shields:

Mr. Shields’ work isn’t about celebrity – it’s about working with colleagues and friends in his social sphere who want to make art.
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