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Guide to C-Stands: Most Versatile Piece of Studio Gear

12/29/2020 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Hypop compares the pros and cons of C-stands to regular light stands. They will be giving you multiple examples of how you can use a c-stand and its different uses. 

0:00 Start
0:48 Introduction
1:15 Tips on using C-Stands
2:18 C-Stands vs. Normal Light Stands
3:37 Camera Tripod
4:01 Audio Boom Stand
4:33 Light Stand
5:06 Diffuser Sheet Scrim Holder
5:46 Reflector Stand
6:18 Pop-Up Backdrop Holder
6:47 Paper Backdrop Stand
7:16 Conclusion

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Text, image and video via Hypop

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