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Creating Beautiful Portraits with Clamshell Lighting by Mark Wallace

2/09/2021 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In this episode, Mark Wallace walks through his process of creating a simple beauty lighting setup with limited gear options:

1. Mark uses a beauty dish to create soft directional light.
2. Mark uses a small octabox and grid to control light spill.
3. A small softbox is added to fill in the shadows.

This lighting setup is simple and easy to recreate, no matter what specific gear you own.

0:00​ Intro
0:20​ Goals of the photoshoot
1:17​ The basic lighting setup
1:53​ Setting up the beauty dish
2:24​ First setup photos
2:55​ Adjusting the angle of the beauty dish
3:53​ A closer look at the light spill
4:49​ Setting up the 2' Octabox and grid
6:38​ Which aperture value should you use in the studio?
8:19​ Second setup photos
8:34​ Fine-tuning the Octabox
9:44​ Third setup photos
10:11​ Adding a fill light
11:43​ Shooting the final images
12:00​ The final results
12:19​ Final thoughts and reminders

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