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How to Take Photos Like Henri Cartier-Bresson

5/26/2021 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Learn to take photos like Henri Cartier Bresson,  the godfather of street photography.

0:00 Intro
1:53 What makes a great photograph?
02:25: Henri Cartier Bresson's Leica Camera
02:41 What film did Henri Cartier Bresson shoot with?
04:33 Cartier Bresson's camera settings
05:48 Facts about Henri Cartier Bresson
06:30 Street Portraits
08:40 Take photos like Henri Cartier-Bresson
09:58 Composition tips in photography
10:05 Leading Lines
10:35 Rule of thirds
10:49 Rule of Odds
11:30 Juxtaposition
11:55 Frame within a frame
12:12 Geometry in photography
12:20 Golden ration / Fibonacci spiral
13:00 Never crop a photograph
13:45 The Decisive Moment
14:48 Masters of photography course
15:54 Why Henri Cartier Bresson never used flash
16:50 Photography challenge

Text, image and video via Frederik Trovatten