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How to Avoid Glare on Glasses | Understanding the Law of Reflection

7/23/2021 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In this video, Ashley Boring breaks down the Law of Reflection. She also demonstrates how to use it when taking portraits of subjects with glasses.


Video Breakdown
0:00:00 - Introduction 
0:00:28 - Pre Shoot Tips 
0:01:17 - Gear Used 
0:02:01 - The Law of Reflection 
0:03:07 -Adjusting Your Lighting to Avoid Glare on Glasses
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About Ashley Boring:

Ian Spanier was born in Connecticut, raised in Westchester, New York. Spanier's interest in photography began at age six when his parents gave him his first camera. During her last semester at college, she interned at F.J. Westcott where after only a short time she became invaluable to the company. After completing her degree in 2014 she was officially hired onto their team as their in-house photographer and continues to work there until this day. Let's Get Connected:  Instagram

Text, image and video via Westcott Lighting