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Lighting 101: Flags, Silks, Nets, & Scrims

11/29/2021 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In today’s video we go over “flagging," including solids, silks, scrims, double nets and full solid flags, all of which shape and control light. John Gress even threw in a cucoloris for good measure. (What's the plural of cucoloris?)

While he has heard people refer to these collectively as “flags," the vernacular seems to be that something that light passes through is a scrim and something that blocks light fully is a flag. The Matthews RoadFlags kit for instance only has ONE flag. Maybe they should call it RoadFlag or RoadScrims. ;)

About John Gress:

For over 20 years Chicago photographer & director John Gress has created stunning photography and videos for some of America’s largest companies and international media outlets.  His work has included national lifestyle advertising, portraits and videos for the beauty industry and action photography of professional athletes. Professional Photographer Magazine called Gress “one of the nation’s foremost experts on lighting.” Let's Get Connected: | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | To learn more about my online learning platform please visit

Text, image and video via John Gress | Lighting Handbook: