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Go BIG with Light Modifiers - You won't believe what you can do with this Softbox! by Mark Wallace

12/13/2021 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Large light modifiers give you many options for creating portraits, full-length shots, group photos, and more. In this episode, Mark Wallace walks through all of the ways he uses large modifiers and shows you why they are a tool every photographer should own.

Go BIG with Light Modifiers - You won't believe what you can do with this Softbox!
0:00 Introduction
1:38 The features of the Elinchrom Litemotiv 120 Para Softbox
5:58 Shooing with inner and outer diffusion panels
8:55 Comparing shots with and without diffusion
10:37 Shooting with no outer diffusion
13:03 Using the Litemotiv Para for high key catalog shots
15:34 Comparing a Deep Silver umbrella to the Litemotiv 120
17:26 Adding a translucent panel to the Deep Silver umbrella
19:21 Final images
19:43 Closing thoughts

About Mark Wallace:

Mark Wallace is a photographer based in the United States. Best known for his web-based video series “Digital Photography One on One” and “Exploring Photography”. In 2014, Mark left the United States to embark on a 2 year worldwide adventure. He visited 28 countries and captured thousands of unique photographs across the globe. Visit

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