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Tutorial: Three Cinematic Gimbal Shots Defy Physics

12/02/2021 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

If you've ever seen a high-budget movie, you know that some of the magic is in how the camera moves. If the Director of Photography did their job well, the camera will move seamlessly from one position to another. But when you think about it, there is actually no way that a camera could do some of those moves. Take the chase shot from The Raid 2 for example (embedded below). There is no way the camera just floats in the air like this?

And this is what they will do today. They will look at how to create three shots that defy physics all with a very minimal budget. All you need for these shots is a gimbal - they will be using the Manfrotto 300xm and some pipes and cables. For all the shots below we had our camera secured via extra cables and security cords. If you put your camera in the air, always make sure that it is well secured.

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