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Lighting with Polarised Light

1/02/2022 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments


Lighting cameraman, Pete Burns, explains and shows the results of using a polariser filter in front of a camera lens – and then takes this further to show how a polarizer can be used in front of a light source. “The polariser maximizes or minimizes the polarised light effect. So with polarisers on lights, we are able to control individually the direction and the amount of polarised light leaving each fixture.”

Using many examples we see how images can be improved using this technique – from removing glare from the skin, objects, or artwork.

Pete explains: “Lighting with polarised light beams opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities. Removal or reduction of glare can only be achieved at the time of filming, either with a polarizer on the camera lens or in front of a light. Reflections and glare cannot be removed in post-production.”

Text, image and video via dedolight Online