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Throwing Jelly at Our Perfection Obsession

12/31/2021 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Every day, we’re bombarded with images of gorgeous models and influencers on social media. These images make us feel desire, but also envy. They may even make us feel bad about ourselves, even though we know the perfection they portray is totally unrealistic.

Our modern obsession with perfection comes with troubling consequences. That’s why Karl Taylor decided to poke fun at it. And by 'poke fun', he means’throw jelly’!

Want to go behind the scenes and watch the full, hour-long video covering every aspect of this crazy shoot? 

About Karl Taylor:

Karl has been a professional photographer for more than 20 years. His work is published internationally and he regularly works for some of the world's leading companies. Let's Get Connected: | Instagram

Text, image and video via Karl Taylor | Start Learning Photography (Complete Course):