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Martin Parr's Advice to Young Photographers: 'You are probably going to fail'

1/17/2022 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

You are probably going to fail, so unless you are obsessed, almost like a disease, you are not going to make it.” Legendary Martin Parr, regarded as the most crucial figure in contemporary British photography, offers advice to young photographers.

Text, image and video via Louisiana Channel


True that. I've run the correlation that this is why corporate America can't run a photo business, i.e. OnRequestImages tried to years ago, they had offices in Seattle with a bunch of desks for a bunch of people to run the business side and tried to get photographers to shoot on spec. It failed miserably because the employees needed a salary, benefits, 9-5 and weren't in it because they had to be, like a career photographer. They needed to turn a profit for shareholders, we need to turn a profit to do what we already love.