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The Portrait Masters: The Creative Journey to Winning GOLD with a Score of 91

1/10/2022 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

See how Nicole Carson Bonilla went from earning a score of 69 in her first round to winning GOLD with a score of 91 by her 4th round. And see all 153 portraits that led her to Fellow in just over 2 years with portraits she photographed in a home studio using up to three Canon EX600 Speedlites and her Canon Mark IV and Canon EOS R. She also shares some valuable insights she wishes she had known when she was getting started and along her journey. Nicole earned FELLOW with 153 portraits made up of 1 Gold, 47 Silvers, 70 Bronze with Distinctions, 35 Bronzes and two scores of 69. She also won three categories and had 31 portraits in the Top 20’s.

This video is a MUST WATCH before you submit to The Portrait Masters. Sue Bryce Education has pioneered an incredible awards and accreditation program for photographers worldwide. She is the tide that is raising all boats in the photography industry. If you are not currently a student of her education, you should consider enrolling:

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About Nicole Carson Bonilla:

Creative inspiration, reviews and tutorials for photographers including my Designing the Look: From Idea to Portrait video series. I share my entire creative process including styling ideas, fashion design and construction, lighting set-up, photoshoots and the resulting portraits. And it's all from my home studio. Light is light and sometimes you have to work with what you got. Big ideas can be brought to life in small spaces! Follow me, visit my Website  or Instagram

Text, image and video via Nicole Carson Bonilla