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Watch Photography with LED Lights: Anyone can take this shot!

4/03/2022 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In most of the videos in which Swedish photographer Martin Botvidsson shares his product photography secrets, he uses flashes rather than continuous light.

Today he is going to show us how to photograph a watch with three LED lights and adjust the light parameters to get an interesting image that our client has commissioned us, or by default, when we are interested in selling one of our products (as part of our gear) in some specialized second-hand page.

Logically you can use a light tent used in commercial photography, but Martin prefers to use DIY panels to diffuse the light, like the ones you see in the photo.

To photograph this watch, he uses a lighting setup consisting of 3 LED lights (1 big and 2 small). The light that we will place over the product, it is essential that it has barn doors to be able to control the light that falls on the upper part of the clock.

The other two sidelights will create an illuminated area, to give way to a shadow area and another illuminated area, creating that sensation of volume in the image.

Lastly, the top light is too bright, so with trial and error, we're going to block out a part with black cardstock until we get the right light.

The result of this video about  Watch Photography with LED Lights is spectacular.

About Martin Botvidsson:

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Imaged and video via botvidsson