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Luxury Watch Photography - All Secrets Revealed!

4/05/2020 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Luxury Watch Photography - All Secrets Revealed!

Although we have shared several tutorials about how to photograph watches, we like the way that photographer and coffee lover Martin Botvidsson explains his techniques to achieve professional results.

Martin explains that watches are one of the most difficult products to photograph. They are very small compared to the size of the lights and many different types of materials are mixed (glass, steel, leather, gold, etc.).

In order to understand the complexity of this type of photoshoots,  this particular shoot, took him about 12 hours to get the picture he was looking for.

Although, he gets quite a few emails a week asking how much it costs to photograph a watch, mostly from startups. But when he explains the price (revealed in the video) and the time it takes to take "just one hero picture", many are the ones that disappear.

Camera and lenses:

Canon 5D Mark lV
Canon Macro lens.

Camera settings:
Aperture: f/10
Shutter Speed: 1/200

Software and technique:
Capture ONE
Focus stacking

The lighting setup (4 lights):

About Martin Botvidsson:

This is Martin Botvidsson – photographer by day & youtuber by night. The legend says he never sleeps… almost. Let's Get Connected: Become a $5 coffee supporter today! Sign up immediately at: | Instagram

Imaged and video via botvidsson

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