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5 MOST VALUABLE Street Photography Tips: GET GOOD QUICKLY!

5/04/2022 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Essential street photography tips to help you build confidence and get better at street photography more quickly! These are the tips Photographer Tim Northey used along his journey and the ones he found the most useful to improve his skills.


  1. Stress less about your settings: If you can spend less time worrying about your settings, more time focusing on your composition, and be able to shoot quickly, chances are you'll get a much better result .
  2. Get comfortable shooting people and wandering through a city with a camera in hand: Explore the city like a tourist in a new city, taking in all the sights as you start shooting, focus more on wider scenes rather than directly at people.
  3. Shoot using prime lenses: prime lenses are really the best way to really practice and work on your overall composition.
  4. Build experience shooting in all types of conditions: try a totally different time of day or wait for some different weather conditions, often more dramatic weather conditions make street photography easier.
  5. Set yourself an aim or theme for your street session: This can be a great way to practice and really own on your skills and also build a particular street photography style that suits you and your photography,

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About Tim Northey:

My journey as a photographer started as a side hustle purely for the LOVE OF IT. Eventually I took the plunge and decided to quit my job as a physiotherapist and pursue my passion wholeheartedly. Since this time I've worked with a huge range of international clients while constantly growing my own portfolio and audience online. Whether photo or video I'm always looking to push myself further and further in all that I create. My mantra is create to grow and I'm a big believer in constant growth and exploration
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Text, image and video via TKNORTH