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A Hard Photography Skill that Pays Off Forever!

7/14/2022 ISO 1200 Magazine 3 Comments


In this week’s episode, Mark discusses a hard photography skill that pays off forever. There are a ton of skills, techniques, and best practices one can embrace in order to improve their photography, but there is one skill in particular that he has found difficult to master yet produces the greatest results. Mark guesses the saying "nothing great comes easy" is perfect for this photography skill because it won't contribute to an overnight improvement in your photography, but if you put in the effort over time this will eventually be a game changer for anybody.

About Mark Denney:

My passion for landscape photography has grown from my love of the great outdoors. The serenity and therapeutic nature are perhaps what I enjoy most about it. I treasure the complete process that landscape photography requires, from the on-location aspect of actually traveling and taking the image to the post processing workflow of Lightroom and Photoshop.  Let's Get Connected: |  Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | 🌟2022 & 2023 WORKSHOP SCHEDULE🔘

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TimG said...

I’ll never know what skill it is you’re talking about because of your clickbait headline. I even looked at the beginning of the video, but no, you’re not going to reveal what it is until much later. So definitely clickbait. You can do better.

Anonymous said...

What he said. I gave up.

alffastar said...

Thanks, nice video and really nice set of 3 skills!

To TimG's comment above - valuable information needs context and demands our time and attention and sometimes posts on the internet are just that, not a cheap clickbait. This video is definitely such a peace of insight, might wanna spend 20 minutes on it and judge it again 🙂