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Shooting The Perfect Self Portrait by Jeff Carpenter

8/11/2022 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments


If you’re limited on gear or traveling minimally, but need to diversify your imagery, then this one’s for you. Watch and learn while photographer Jeff Carpenter (@readylightmedia) shows us how to create three different portraits using one light, one modifier, and one V-Flat. It won’t be a hard concept to grasp and you’ll leave better equipped after watching Jeff run through three lighting setups.

“The three looks we’re gonna get today are a gray background, a black background, and a near-white background. Notice I didn’t say ‘pure white,’ I said ‘near-white’...that’s because we only have one light. It’s hard to get pure white with just one light, but we’re gonna get it pretty darn close in camera” and then get it to pure white in post, Jeff explained.

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About Jeff Carpenter:

Readylight Media got its start in 2011 when owner and operator, Jeff Carpenter, decided to take the jump from hobbiest to professional.  He started small, with special event photography and photo booths but soon after made the jump into portrait photography and event video production. Let's Get Connected: | Instagram

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