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Artificial Intelligence in a Camera?: Sony a7R V Review For Wedding Filmmakers & Photographers

1/03/2023 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

This camera is particularly compelling for those who both film and photograph weddings, as it offers many of the features of Sony's flagship A1 camera at a significantly lower cost. The A7RV is a hybrid camera that can take great photos and also switch to 8K shooting mode. 

In recent years, larger camera companies like Sony have begun using technologies like deep learning and artificial intelligence to improve the performance of their cameras. The Sony A7RV uses a new AI Processing Unit chip to improve the quality of its autofocus system.

The camera can now recognize human, animal, and bird eyes for autofocus, as well as cars, trains, planes, and insects. In addition, the camera is able to recognize human bodies and limbs using a feature called human pose estimation. This enables the camera to estimate the location of a person's face, even if they are not looking directly at the camera.

This is particularly useful for wedding filmmakers and photographers, as it allows the camera to maintain focus on a moving subject, like a couple dancing on a crowded dance floor. Overall, the incorporation of artificial intelligence and machine learning into cameras like the A7RV is a promising development, and it will be interesting to see how these technologies are further integrated into future camera models.

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