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Pro's Know this about ISO & Beginners Avoid It!

1/14/2023 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments


In this week’s episode, Mark Denney discusses what pro photographers know about ISO that most beginners avoid. Seems that beginner photographers, especially those aspiring landscape photographers, are all conditioned with the mindset that the only way to obtain a clean and noise-free photograph is to use ISO 100 and only ISO 100. 

And, if this value is ever increased, well it could mean absolute destruction to the overall image quality of your photograph! The reason he knows this is because he was one of these beginner photographers that was stuck in this "ISO 100" mindset for years, but once he broke free from this habit, a whole new world of photographic possibilities opened up for him.

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About Mark Denney:

My passion for landscape photography has grown from my love of the great outdoors. The serenity and therapeutic nature are perhaps what I enjoy most about it. I treasure the complete process that landscape photography requires, from the on-location aspect of actually traveling and taking the image to the post processing workflow of Lightroom and Photoshop.  Let's Get Connected: |  Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | 🌟2022 & 2023 WORKSHOP SCHEDULE🔘

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