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Achieving Vanity Fair Style Lighting in Your Living Room: A Step-by-Step Guide with Three Speed Lights

3/07/2023 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

Nicole Carson Bonilla is a skilled portrait photographer who is passionate about capturing beautiful fine art portraits. In her latest video, she shares her tips and tricks for setting up a portable portrait studio in your living room and using three-speed lights to achieve soft light for stunning Vanity Fair style portrait photography.

Nicole's creative concept for this portrait is inspired by "The Sound of Music," using flowing fabrics to create movement and interest. She sources a khaki backdrop from Avezano and a vintage-looking thrift store dress, pearl and gold necklace, and a flower crown made from artificial flowers attached to a pipe cleaner base. To create flowing fabric, Nicole uses a blonde wig with bangs and sheer sheets.

Vanity Fair Style Lighting in Your Living Room

To make the backdrop solid, Nicole hangs a fleece black blanket behind the backdrop and tapes it down to keep it in place on her tile flooring. She also uses a portable backdrop that can be adjusted to be three, six, nine, or twelve feet wide. Nicole takes viewers through the process step by step, demonstrating how she uses homemade v-flats to control the light, including blocking off some natural light to prevent it from interfering with the flashes.

For her equipment, Nicole uses a Canon EOS R camera with a 24-70 2.8 lens and a Godox transmitter to fire speed lights. She is using three Canon 600 ex speed lights, with one set up as a soft hair light behind the backdrop. Nicole also hangs a black fleece blanket behind the fabric backdrop to prevent light from passing through.

With her detailed instructions and helpful tips, Nicole has provided valuable insight into how to achieve beautiful fine art portraits with just a few simple tools and techniques.

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About Nicole Carson Bonilla:

Creative inspiration, reviews and tutorials for photographers including my Designing the Look: From Idea to Portrait video series. I share my entire creative process including styling ideas, fashion design and construction, lighting set-up, photoshoots and the resulting portraits. And it's all from my home studio. Light is light and sometimes you have to work with what you got. Big ideas can be brought to life in small spaces! Follow me, visit my Website  or Instagram

Images and video via Nicole Carson Bonilla