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3 Ways To Correct Perspective In Your Photo With Lightroom Classic

5/04/2023 Matt 0 Comments


If you're a photographer, you know how important perspective is in your photos. Sometimes, due to the angle or lens used, the perspective of your images may be distorted or skewed, affecting the overall quality of the photo. Fortunately, Adobe Lightroom Classic 2023 offers several tools to correct perspective.

In this tutorial, Serge Ramelli explores three effective ways to correct perspective in your photos using Lightroom Classic 2023. Throughout the tutorial, he will provide step-by-step instructions to help you master each perspective correction technique and compare each method to find the best one!

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About Serge Ramelli:

I live in Paris and Los Angeles and I work in the movie business as a producer, but I'm passionate crazy about photos.I mostly shoot landscapes photography, but I also do some portraits composites. Let's Get Connected: | Learn how to edit like a PRO in Lightroom with my Latest book; just pay shipping and handling:

Text, image and video via Serge Ramelli Photography