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How to Shoot a DOUBLE EXPOSURE In Camera

5/04/2023 Matt 1 Comments

How to Shoot a DOUBLE EXPOSURE In Camera [2023]

In the world of photography, double exposure is a technique that has been around for a while. Simply put, it involves layering two photographs on top of each other to create a single, combined image. Eric Floberg has built a large part of his creative career by making these types of photos of people in different places. In this video, he shares some of the secret techniques he uses to make these beautiful images.

Eric explains that the secret to creating stunning double exposures is to shoot a few vignettes that work well for this technique. Often, this includes silhouettes of subjects or dark negative spaces. Silhouettes are typically side profiles of a subject that are vastly underexposed compared to the rest of the scene. Negative space refers to empty-looking parts of the frame that do not distract from the subject. 

Double exposure is a fun and artistic way to create unique images that tell a story and evoke emotion.

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About Eric Floberg:

Chicago-based photographer + filmmaker who loves teaching his craft and documenting his adventures. Let's Get Connected: | Instagram

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Anonymous said...

Think if I was going to do this I would always want to take two separate photos and combine in post processing as leaves so much more extra flexibility in terms of composition, blending etc. Have played around with it in camera a few times but never got the results I would like!