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Lighting Hack: Create a Giant Scrim Using Rolls of Diffusion by Ab Sesay

5/01/2023 Matt 0 Comments


In this video for Adorama TV host Ab Sesay, they will be exploring the underused technique of using rolls of diffusion to create a giant DIY scrim. Rolls diffusion is widely used by cinematographers but not so much by photographers. 

Adorama will show you how to create a 5x12ft scrim by using a roll of Rosco Full Grid Cloth, PVC pipes, Kupo Swivel Couplers, and Light Stands. 

Once the scrim is set up Ab Sesay uses lights aimed at the ceiling as well as a spotlight in order to get a natural light look mixing both hard and soft lighting. He will also demonstrate how to create a waterfall setup with two umbrellas to create one large, beautifully soft light. These two studio lighting setups give something for both advanced and photographers just starting out.

About Adorama:

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Tex, image and video via Adorama