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Vertical Book Light: Discover the Ultimate Source of Soft Light for Photographers and Filmmakers

5/11/2023 Matt 0 Comments


In the world of photography and cinematography, achieving the perfect lighting setup is crucial for capturing stunning images. Whether you're a professional photographer or an enthusiast, finding a reliable and versatile light source is essential.

Prerequisites of the Lighting Setup:

To meet the objective of creating an invisible lighting setup, the filmmaker Troy Mairs outlines three key prerequisites for their go-to light source:

  1. Large and Soft: Troy Mairs aims to achieve a gentle hug of light, avoiding a harsh and sourcey appearance. A larger light source helps distribute the light more evenly and creates a softer quality of light, ensuring a natural and authentic feel.
  2. Rectangular Shape: As most indoor lighting comes from overhead sources or large windows, a rectangular light source better mimics the window light, maintaining authenticity in the lighting setup.
  3. Mobility: Given the frequent need to transport the equipment to different locations, portability is crucial. The lighting setup should be collapsible, compact, and easily fit into a transportation case.

Creating the Vertical Book Light:

To achieve the desired soft light, he employs the Westcott Scrim Jim Cine. They construct a 4x4 frame using modular tubes and connectors. The frame is then covered with a Westcott ultra bounce material, providing a soft, diffused light. A 4x6 half-grid diffusion material is added on top, further enhancing the softness and spreading the light evenly across the frame.

Advantages and Considerations:

The large rectangular light source provides an even and soft illumination, ideal for full-body coverage. The setup's mobility ensures easy transportation to different shooting locations, enhancing convenience and flexibility for photographers.

Image and video via Troy Mairs | Website