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Camera Obscura: Turning a Paris Apartment into a GIANT CAMERA!

8/17/2023 Matt 0 Comments


All we know Mathieu Stern, a French experimental photographer hailing from the heart of Paris. Having spent his entire life in this city, he found himself in a peculiar quandary– he had never truly captured the iconic Eiffel Tower in a way that felt unique. This dilemma sparked an intriguing idea that led him down a fascinating path of creativity: could he transform a Parisian apartment into a colossal Camera obscura?

The camera obscura, an ancient optical device, projects an inverted image of the external world onto an interior surface. This ingenious concept played a pivotal role in the evolution of both painting and photography.

camera obscura Bonfoton

With a list of materials that included a wide-angle lens, tin foil, gaffer tape, and even spray water, Mathieu meticulously constructed his camera obscura in an apartment with a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower.

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About Mathieu Stern:

Free-lancer, I am shooting viral videos about photography, travel and many other subjects. Help me to do more cool videos reviews by visiting my Patreon page HERE

Image and video via Mathieu Stern |