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How to Use Backlighting in your Portrait Photography

8/12/2023 ISO 1200 Magazine 0 Comments

In his latest video, Nathan Elson delves into the world of portrait photography, offering a step-by-step tutorial on how to utilize backlighting to create ethereal and dynamic images that resonate with his signature style. 

The crux of using backlighting lies in the ability to bounce light back onto the subject. Nathan explains, "Being that I'm using the sun as my light source and that light is coming from behind the model, I need to be able to bounce some of that light back in towards her so that I can maintain my exposure." Balancing the intense sunlight with the need to expose for Kaylee's face without blowing out the background requires finesse."

However, Nathan's wisdom extends beyond equipment and technique. He emphasizes the significance of the reflector's position, as it transforms into a secondary light source. "If you have that modifier sitting too low, you can get some really weird uplighting, which isn't the most attractive lighting on someone's face," he advises. His attention to detail underlines his dedication to his craft and his desire to empower fellow photographers.

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About Nathan Elson:

I'm a commercial photographer based out of Calgary, AB. My YouTube channel will be a place for my behind the scenes, Q&A, and whatever else happens to make it into video form that seems like people might be interested in viewing. Let's Get Connected: | LIGHTROOM & CAPTURE ONE PRESET PACKS: | STUDIO LIGHTING WORKSHOP