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Photographer Joey L documents his journey with a Gameboy camera

1/01/2024 Matt 0 Comments

In the world of photography, some merely capture images, and then some artists breathe life into each frame, weaving a narrative that transcends the visual.

For Joey L., photography is more than a profession; it is a medium through which he encapsulates the larger-than-life experiences he has lived. As a child, his first foray into photography involved capturing his toy dinosaurs as dioramas. In reimagining classic scenes, he seamlessly integrated his life experiences, creating visual narratives that resonate with authenticity.

Joey L.'s journey into photography is rooted in a familial appreciation for the vintage and the timeless.

Photographer Joey L documents his journey with a Gameboy camera
Joey L´s Game Boy

"I don't do exactly what my dad does. I do my own version of it," Joey L. reflects. His unique approach to photography is a testament to individuality within the tradition, a creative evolution that pays homage to his roots while forging a path uniquely his own. The pillars of living instilled by his father are the guiding principles that underpin Joey's artistry, shaping his perspective and enriching his creative process.

As a father himself, Joey L. is intentional about passing down not only his craft but also the values and experiences that have defined his artistic identity. 

The toys hidden within the frames symbolize more than childhood nostalgia; they embody the profound lessons and cherished moments that Joey hopes will resonate with his son, creating a visual legacy that transcends generations.

Images and video via PROOF | Website