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Photographing Architecture "Against The Sun"

1/09/2024 Matt 0 Comments


By carefully shooting "against the sun” you can produce truly dramatic architectural, landscape, and interior photographs with great depth and surface articulation. In this video, Steven Brooke will discuss the four major considerations for photographing with the sun in front of you rather than behind you or at your side.

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About Steven Brooke:

Steven Brooke is an award-winning, internationally recognized leader in the photography of architecture, landscape, and design. He is the recipient of the prestigious Rome Prize from the American Academy in Rome and the AIA National Honor Award in Photography. He has photographed over 40 books on architecture and design for major publishers, nine of which he has also written. He has over three decades of experience working with an elite clientele that includes the world’s top architects and designers. Brooke is on the faculty of the University of Miami School of Architecture, where he offers a popular course on Architectural Photography and Composition. He is a frequent lecturer and also conducts workshops throughout the U.S for photographers of all skill levels. Let's Get Connected: | Instagram

Text, image and video via Steven Brooke | Steven Brooke's Architectural Photography and Composition