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Unlocking Your Unique Style: The Secret to Photography Success

1/10/2024 Matt 0 Comments

In the vast realm of photography, where technical prowess often takes center stage, it's easy to overlook the significance of one's unique style. For years, Scott French found himself in a creative rut, his images technically sound but lacking the distinctiveness that sets great photographers apart. It was only when he made a New Year's resolution to uncover his style that his photography took a transformative turn, altering not just his craft but the trajectory of his entire life.

To Scott, style is the artistic voice that defines how an individual uniquely perceives and captures the world through their lens. It's the signature blend of favorite themes, subjects, emotions, and the basic approach to light and color. Your style, he argues, is your photographic identity – a manifestation of the choices you make both behind the camera and during the editing process.

The Overlooked Art of Finding Style

Scott notes that many photographers, including himself, initially pay little attention to style. The quest for improvement often revolves around technical skills, exposure mastery, or acquiring new gear. However, it's the discovery of one's style that truly elevates the work, as observed in photographers with backgrounds in other visual arts like drawing or painting.

The Impact of Style on Creativity

Having a personal style proved to be a game-changer for Scott. Before finding his style, inspiration was scarce, and he often felt there was nothing interesting to photograph. However, once he worked out his style, ideas flowed effortlessly. Photography became more intuitive, and he delved deeper into subjects, seeing what others overlooked. It opened up a new world, where every action from shooting to post-processing became a deliberate choice to express his unique vision.

From Amateur to Recognized Photographer

Scott, who had seen himself as neither talented nor creative, experienced a profound shift after working out his style. He started producing work he was proud of, leading to the creation of an Instagram account. The growth on Instagram was gradual, drawing in followers who admired his cohesive style. This exposure led to inquiries about hiring him, buying prints, and requests for training from fellow photographers.

Finding Your Unique Voice

For those looking to discover their style, Scott advises a proactive approach. While some believe style finds you, he encourages photographers to actively tap into their personalities and create art that reflects who they are. He suggests turning off external influences, engaging in introspection, and identifying patterns that shape personal perspectives.

Uncovering Your Unique Voice

Scott recommends a focused self-reflection exercise. Using pen and paper, jot down what makes you unique – what excites you, what brings you comfort, and your core beliefs. Delve into your interests beyond photography, and even revisit childhood memories for insights. By comparing these self-reflections with your favorite photographs, you may begin to see parallels and uncover your unique voice.


In a world saturated with images, standing out as a photographer requires more than technical proficiency. It demands the cultivation of a personal style – an artistic voice that sets you apart. Scott French's journey serves as an inspiring testament to the transformative power of discovering one's style, proving that the pursuit of creativity can lead to a fulfilling and unexpected path.

Image and video via Scott French | To guide photographers through the process of using self-discovery to create work in their own style, Scott offers a free email course.