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Lighting for a Jewelry Campaign Using a Model by Ab Sesay

4/25/2024 Matt 0 Comments

In this behind-the-scenes video, join Ab Sesay as he photographs a stunning mock jewelry campaign on a model. Watch as our talented host captures the beauty and elegance of the jewelry pieces, and gives you tips and techniques to product photography.

From a complicated three-light studio setup to an easy 1 one-one-light setup. See how photographer Ab Sesay art directed this shoot to bring this campaign to life. Follow along to see the magic unfold behind the camera and witness the creativity and skill that goes into creating a successful jewelry campaign photoshoot. Whether you're a jewelry lover, a photography enthusiast, or appreciate the art of fashion, this video inspires and entertains.

Ab currently resides in the NY area and enjoys working on productions both large and small with ideas both simple and complex.

As a multidisciplinary commercial advertising photographer, and creative producer/director who blends the ability to analyze ideas, technology, and resources to educate those interested in upping their lighting game on how to get to the next level.

He is also the Brand manager for Sekonic Light Meters, Executive Producer and Creative Director for the Mac Group, independent producer/photographer, and develops lighting education for AdoramaTV (LEVEL UP LIGHTING SHOW), Sekonic, and Fujifilm.

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Text, image and video via Adorama | Ab Sesay