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Top 5 Photography Blogs

12/25/2016 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

I have a long list of blogs that I read evenly. But my top of blogs about photography are only 5 . We often are featured on it then we love it.


One of the most popular blogs about photography. I think it is the perfect website for searching for information if you are looking for a new camera and you want to download sample images of it.


News updated daily mixed with exclusive and original content about photographers, social media and photography. We are featured often on it...then we read this blog every day.


The viral video where Lee Morris (co-founder) shoots a full fashion photography session with the iPhone 3gs was the beginning of their successful blog, a reference for the rest of bloggers. It is an honor every time they share one of our selected videos with their followers.

We have a special relation with, Udi, the founder of this amazing blog, was originally dedicated to making DIY projects about expensive equipment, he is now one of the most respected bloggers in the community and a super nice guy.


From California, the team behind this photography blog is amazing. They share original content created by themselves and news.  He always surprises me with something new.


Kabir Khan said...

Thank you so much for this post.