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Go behind the scenes on a shoot for Volvo Trucks by Phase One and Profoto

1/04/2012 ISO 1200 Magazine 1 Comments

Go behind the scenes with photographer Tim Bjorn who's doing an advert for Volvo Trucks at the harbor in Malmö in Sweden.

At this shoot, Tim's main concern is to find the right angle of the truck. When that's done there will be no motion at the camera. The final image of the truck will be made of about 30 different images. Each layer has a different lighting position of the truck and all these layers are going to make one great image.

"We start from the back and then we go around the side. Then we end at front and then I have to put light underneath the wheels. I'm actually painting light on specific details on the truck. For instance, the paint job or details on the chrome, the wheels or the front of the truck."

Tim likes to have the workspace around the camera and the computer for himself. Tim's client sees all the images on the iPad with Capture Pilot.

Tim has chosen to use Phase One, Profoto, Capture One, and Capture Pilot because it give him a perfect time saving workflow. With the Profoto studio plugin for Capture One it's easy for Tim's assistant to control the light directly in the software. One of the great things in Capture One is batch processing. On a shoot like this you need to be able to correct the keystone. "It's pretty crucial that the keystone correction will be exactly the same on all images to make it easier for Photoshop."

Thanks to TOP DOLLAR studio in Malmö.

Photographer: Tim Bjorn -
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Joe Giacomet said...

It's an excellent photo, but i was dissapointed to see one beauty dish moved around and then it all retouched together. It ould have been lit with a lot more lights and shot in 5 or 6 passes rather than 27.

I guess if the result is the same then.... but it's nice to see technically capable lighting. When i was assisting years ago on car shoots we would spend all day lighting, rather than just wheel a light around.